Any girl who wants to be a high class escort must first start by learning all the rules and guidelines of the business or industry. In the female escort world, the most important rules one can learn are about staying safe all the time and remaining confident in the choices they make. Generally, there are many rules a person should always follow when working as an escort. As noted, safety is the number one rule high class escorts must learn. Safety comes in many ways, and this can be both in terms of the body and oneself. A female escort must always make sure that they keep their body healthy and safe. One can keep themselves healthy by ensuring that they do not engage in unprotected sexual encounters. Safety also means being careful with client selection.

All london escorts come across or work with people from different backgrounds. While it is sometimes difficult for escorts to do background checks on their clients, an escort should make an effort of knowing more about a client when making the initial arrangements. An escort can remain safe by not sharing their personal phone numbers or home addresses. This is important because it can prevent the escort from being stalked. If an escort is to share a number with a client, then the number should be a business working number and not a personal number. Another area of safety escorts should learn, is in the methods of payment. It is very important that escorts should only accept cash from their clients. While checks and credit cards are still other forms of payments, these reveal a lot of details about an escort, which can be dangerous in the long run.

Furthermore, some clients cannot be trusted since they can easily write bouncing checks, which would mean that the escort was conned and offered their services for free. Credit cards, on the other hand, can fail to work, or the client may not have enough money on their credit card to pay for the services being offered by the escort. Cash is good because an escort will be paid immediately either before or after offering their services. An escort should also be careful with the location where the clients want to meet them. It is highly recommended that model escorts should avoid meeting clients at their homes. Escorts should always arrange the location of the meet, and this should be a place where the escort is comfortable with or feels safe.

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