If you hire a prostitute, you have very high chances of getting arrested. This is because prostitutes are known for offering sex for money and sex for money is illegal. But can men be arrested for hiring high class escorts? You can be arrested for hiring an escort depending on where you live. But in general, it is not easy to be arrested for hiring high class escorts. Even though this is true, it is important always to ensure that the escort you want to hire has positive reviews on all popular review websites. When a person is hiring an escort, they are hiring with the assumption that they are paying the escort for her time and this is actually what the escort is expecting and not sex. But in most cases, people pay for both, time and sex. But what does the law say?

Basically, the law is not clear on hiring females off the internet. This is because elite escorts have not been in the business for long and the majority of them or those who have been advertising their services online have only been doing it for less than 15 years. But even before you can consider the law, it is important to remember that majority of people that hire high class escorts are not on the police radar since the police do not expect them to be involved in such activities. The only people the police are mostly concerned with are the pimps. In some jurisdictions, prostitution as an activity is not punished. Rather, the person who is making prostitution an ongoing business or promoting it in any way is liable to punishment according to the law.

The majority of cases in courts about prostitution or the escort business is about the police collecting evidence for weeks by setting up pimps and arresting the pimps at the end. But since people who hire vip escorts are celebrities, politicians, lawyers and doctors, it is very rare to find them getting arrested for promoting prostitution. It is important to understand that it is illegal for anybody to exchange money in any currency for sex. But at the same time, in some jurisdictions, participating in prostitution or hiring an escort is legal. Prostitution in some states is termed as a misdemeanor and not a felony. There is a huge difference between a felony and a misdemeanor. If a person is found guilty of a misdemeanor, the person will not see jail time. Instead, the person will simply pay the fines ordered.

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